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Dry ice

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You might have wondered what on earth you can use dry ice. for. Well, the truth is that you have many opportunities. Whether you want to impress your guests with unique effects by using dry ice or need it for more practical reasons, you can buy dry ice. right here!

Buy dry ice at Here you will find ice cubes, crushed ice. of the highest quality. Keep reading and learn about what effects dry ice has and what you have to be aware of while using it.

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is carbondioxide, also called CO2, in solid form and have got the name because it never gets to liquid but transforms into gas instead. If the dry ice has a temperature over -78,5 degrees it will also go from solid form into gas. The scientists call this tranformation for sublimation.

Now that we know what dry ice is, we can look at what we can use it for.

Lav flotte dekorationer til drinks med tøris

What can we use dry ice for?

Dry ice has many functions and the most popular ones are:

  • Cool down groceries very fast
  • Special effects in drinks or as an element in your decoration
  • To cool down drinks in a tub
  • Cleaning industrial equipment
  • To cool down groceries, medicine etc. while transporting

The dry ice is perfect for practical purposes but can also be the party starter that we all want to our party. We can guarantee you that the dry ice will add an exclusive touch whether it is used for table decorations or as a part of your drinks.

Dry ice for Halloween

Dry ice for halloween is the perfect match. Dry ice can, with its effects, become a big part of the halloween decorations and contribute to make your halloween party one to remember.

Have your made your own scary halloween pumpkin and will it be a part of your decoration? try to place a little bowl of dry ice. inside your pumpkin and witness how your pumpkin got an extra dimension.

Dry ice is, together with normal ice cubes a fantastic and important element to every kind of party. Buy your ice for the halloween party at and pick it up yourself or get it delivered directly to your party. 

Brug tøris til at pifte halloweenudsmykningen op

How can I make smoke with dry ice?

With dry ice you are able to create crazy effects that will impress every single guest and become a party starter. What is more exciting than a smokey champagne bowl filled with delicious drinks?

How to do it:

  1. Get a bowl that fits at the bottom of your champagne bowl
  2. Fill it with lukewarm water (the higher temperature, the faster will the dry ice evaporate)
  3. Locate your little bowl in the middle of the champagne bowl to make sure that your guests wont touch the dry ice
  4. Add a little dry ice to the bowl (remember to wear gloves)
  5. Fill your champagne bowl with your drinks!

This little extra effect can be used as an element to your wedding, birthdays, summer party or to kickstart your halloween party!

Is dry ice dangerous?

Dry ice is not dangerous as long as you know how you should handle it correctly. We recommend, that you use it alongside a professional bartender or someone that has tried it before, if it is getting used as an element to your drinks. It is the very low temperature of the ice that makes it dangerous and therefore we advice you to handle it with care.

Do and don'ts with dry ice


  • Always use the gloves that is included and a ice spoonwhen you are in contact with the dry ice to avoid getting frostbite.
  • Book a bartender to your party who can make delicious drinks with dry ice if you don't have experience with it yourself.


  • Do not make any drinks with dry ice without having a professional on board.
  • Do not put dry ice into your mouth or onto your body.

How to store dry ice

We recommend you to store your dry ice in the thermos box, which is included when you buy dry ice at

The dry ice can last up to 30 hours in the thermos box and will evaporate 15-20% every 24 hours. You can therefore order your dry ice in good time without being afraid of not using it in time.

Pick up your dry ice yourself at one of our many pick-up points or get it delivered directly to you!

At, both delivery and pick-up yourself an opportunity to make it as easy as possible for you.

We have the following pick-up points:

  • Hillerød – Lokesvej 5, 3400 Hillerød (v. HusCompagniet)
  • Birkerød (Åbner i Q4)  – Bistrupvej 1, 3460 Birkerød (Birkerød Idrætscenter)
  • Søborg – Rosenkæret 6, 2860 Søborg
  • Glostrup – Erhvervsvej 28, 2610 Rødovre (Glostrup Industri)
  • Amager Beach – Krimsvej 29, 2300 Kbh. S
  • Kastrup – Astridsvej 70, 2770 Kastrup
  • Ishøj – Industrikrogen 8, 2635 Ishøj
  • Køge – Valdemarshaab 6, 4600 Køge
  • Roskilde (Gadstrup) – Skalstrupgaard 1D, 4621 Gadstrup
  • Holbæk – Spånnebæk 23, 4300 Holbæk (V. XL Byg)

You can also choose to get your dry ice. delivered directly to your address, but it takes a little longer to produce dry ice than normal ice so therefore we need to receive you order at least 48 before you will need it.

Dry ice for businesses

Do you have a company that use dry ice for cooling down groceries, cleaning industrial equipment or do you have a bar in which you use dry ice as an exclusive element, you can trade with us. We can become you supplier of dry ice!

Do not hesitate to contact us on 40 53 11 11, if you want a special deal with a good price.

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