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Accessories for your ice cubes

At you can always find i wide selection of accessories for ice cubes. Make it easy for yourself to get the ice cubes the box, barrel or party tub by getting a nice ice spoonYou can get your ice spoon in plastic or metal depending on what you like the most or you can buy an ice tong if that is easier for you to use.

Beautiful ice cubes deserve high quality storage. Without the nice thermos box (10 kg.) or thermos barrel (25 kg.) which is always included when you buy ice at, you can also present the ice with style. We do not know anything more exclusive than presenting your drinks with ice cubes in a ice bucket made of metal or plasticwhich can be used over and over and together with ice cubes become an indispensable part of your future parties. If you are hosting party in your garden we also have big party tubs on 40 and 90 L, which is the perfect way to keep your drinks cold. 

Tang der skænker isterninger

Make it even more exclusive

If you love champagne and want to present your delicious bottles in an exclusive way, you should go buy our champagne bowls. Our champagne bowls will add an exclusive element to the party you are hosting in a way that keeps your champagne cold at the same time. Take a look at our champagne bowl which is 34 cm wide and let the celebration begin! Champagne bowle på 34 cm.
Den har et stilrent design, der med garanti vil tilføre et lækkert element til bordet. Med champagnebowlen fyldt med vores
ice cubes, ved du, at dine flasker altid vil være kolde og lige til at hælde op i glasset. Kunne du tænke dig en ekstra lækker detalje, så kan du med fordel pifte din dekoration op med dry ice., hvilket giver et eksklusivt look til dine champagneflasker.  

Tubs for any kind of drink

On a hot summer day where the music is good and the guests enjoy life it can be difficult to improve anything. But we have something that can make the party even better. A party tub can make the party rise to another level. You can get the tubs in two sizes. 40L or 90L which means that you can fit the tub to the amount of drinks you want to keep cold. Fill the tub with ice and enjoy cold drinks for a long time. The tub can stay cold for long time but if you wanna make sure not to serve warm drinks, you can buy a thermos box or barrel which will keep the ice cold for minimum 24 hours. In that way you are able to fill the tub if the ice is disappears too fast. 

A thermos barrel for any occasion

You might need a thermos barrel in many situations. You might need it to keep the ice cold for your drinks. You might use it to keep the ice cold until the ice are filled into one of our tubs or buckets. You might have another reason but whatever the reason is the thermos barrel is the right choice. It can keep your ice cold up to 72 hours which means that you do not have to worry about the ice transforming to water too fast.

A champagne bowl or ice bucket for an exclusive look

When the champagne bottle or the beers should be presented the best way, you should do it by getting a champagne bowl or an ice bucket. When the champagne is being placed in the bowl, it receives what it deserves. The same can be said about the ice bucket in which all kind of drinks fit. Make your party or celebration one to remember with a champagne bowl or an ice bucket from

Make sure to also grab an ice spoon or ice tong!

Remember to purchase an ice spoon or ice tong when trading with us. That will make your experience with our ice even better because you do not have to freeze every time you want some ice. Besides not freezing it is also more hygienic if a tool is used to grab the ice. We can mention a lot of reasons why you should remember to grab an ice spoon or ice tong when ordering ice at

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