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Knust Is

Crushed ice will add a luxurious element to the party

Are you hosting a party? And have you planned to impress your guests with luxury drinks and cocktails? Then we highly advice to you to get som crushed ice. A lot of crushed ice actually! Crushed ice is a necessity when you are making cocktails like, mojito, bramble and other summer cocktails. Buy ice in a larger amount and avoid using time on crushing ice cubes yourself.

Buy crushed ice and avoid hot drinks

Do you know anything worse than hot drinks on a hot summer day? We don't! That is why you can get crushed ice and ice cubes for every occasion at We deliver crushed ice in both 10 and 20 kg. barrels and they will be delivered in thermos barrels in which they can last 24 - 72 hours! 

Buy crushed ice at and get ready for the party

Besides keeping your drinks cold, the crushed ice will add a nice and elegant element to the appearance of your drinks. With crushed ice you can make the ordinary summer drinks look exciting and tempting. You can add crushed ice to every drink and improve taste, quality and appearance.

Perfect for cooling of bottles and cans

A nice trick to keep you drinks cold on a hot summer day is to use crushed ice as cooling element. It can be used to cool down your sodas, beers, wine bottles, champagne etc. Place the ice in a big partytub together with your drinks. In that way you have secured to have cold drinks the whole day and evening. You can also use crushed ice or regular ice cubes to make a big cold bath of ice and water which also keeps your drinks cold.

Knust is i drinks
knust is der er spredt ud

Pick up your ice cubes and crushed ice at several locations

At it is our goal to secure that everyone in Denmark has easy access to cheap ice cubes. That is why we offer you the chance to pick-up your ice at one of our many pick-up points. We keep trying to get even more pick-up points so that more Danes can get ice cubes and crushed ice easily. You have the possibility to pick-up your ice at many locations on Zealand and a few specific locations in Jutland. 


If you do not have the opportunity to pick up your crushed ice or ice cubes yourself we also offer you to deliver the ice directly to you. If you buy the ice today you can expect the ice to arrive tomorrow. 

Avoid the trouble of carrying 2 kg. bags of ice from the supermarket

Are you tired of filling your freezer with 2 kg. bags of ice from the supermarket? Or the fact that you use a lot of time making the ice cubes yourself? When you buy crushed ice at you will not only receive high quality ice. You will also receive a nice and big box/barrel in which the ice cubes can be stored. In that way you avoid filling the freezer with ice. You also avoid the frightening fact that your ice might melt on your way home from the supermarket. In our thermos barrels you secure that your crushed ice will last at least 24 hours and usually a lot longer depending on where you locate the box/barrel. 


Jordbær drink med knust is
Lav flotte dekorationer til drinks med tøris

Need a special element to your party?

If you think that the party needs something extra, you should consider combing crushed ice in your drinks with the nice and special effects that can be made with dry ice.Dry ice is a perfect tool if you want to make nice effects and fits very good as a supplement to a champagne bowl with ice cubes and a champagne bottle.

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