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At we have chosen to focus on the things we are good at, cheap ice cubes.
We believe in quality and therefor, you will ALWAYS get the best ice cubes whether you need 10, 25 or 500 kg. because we always clean the water before transforming it to ice. 

Pick-up by place concept

We are located in Søborg with our production located in Roskilde.We want to give everyone the opportunity to get the best quality ice cubes the easiest way. Therefore, our pick-up points are located at various different adresses on Zealand.

  • Hillerød – Lokesvej 5, 3400 Hillerød (v. HusCompagniet)
  • Birkerød (Åbner i Q4)  – Bistrupvej 1, 3460 Birkerød (Birkerød Idrætscenter)
  • Søborg – Rosenkæret 6, 2860 Søborg
  • Glostrup – Erhvervsvej 28, 2610 Rødovre (Glostrup Industri)
  • Amager Beach – Krimsvej 29, 2300 Kbh. S
  • Kastrup – Astridsvej 70, 2770 Kastrup
  • Ishøj – Industrikrogen 8, 2635 Ishøj
  • Køge – Valdemarshaab 6, 4600 Køge
  • Roskilde (Gadstrup) – Skalstrupgaard 1D, 4621 Gadstrup
  • Holbæk – Spånnebæk 23, 4300 Holbæk (V. XL Byg)
  • Århus – Stokagervej 6, 8240 Risskov

We can deliver ice cubes and dry ice. anywhere in the country at any time. We can therefore proudly announce that we might have the best delivering deals in the country.

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