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Isterninger til erhverv og firmaarrangementer

Get a better and cheaper price on ice cubes as a delivery partner

Are you using larger quantities of ice cubes? or are you using ice cubes several times a week? Then we are very interested in a B2B solution or a permanent agreement with you. Our drivers deliver ice cubes every day, and therefore, we are able to deliver at all times of the day. You are welcome to contact us for further information about pricing and possibilities regarding ice cubes for your company.

Do you own a restaurant and are you in need of a durable ice cube solution?

No matter if you are a well-established restaurant, or work as a pop-up concept, we can find the right solution for you. We offer various delivery solutions, either of periodic character or permanent agreements. We are flexible with the delivery and do everything to ensure our collaborators and customers the best service. No matter if you want delivery or want to use our pick-up locations, we'll find the solution best suited for your company.

Icecubes for businesses delivers ice cubes for businesses whether you want them as a fixed weekly deal or for company events like summer parties, Christmas dinners, celebrations etc. Do you have a restaurant and need a fixed deal we can handle that too. Do not hesitate to contact us to get the best deal on ice cubes! 

Does a fixed deal sound interesting for your company, you can now read about our fixed deals for businesses. leverandøraftaler. for businesses

Does your company use large amounts of ice cubes and therefore need ice cubes delivered several times a week you can consider our B2B-deal which will offer you a cheaper deal that will become a good deal for your company. We can deliver ice in the exact amount that you want every day during the week. You can choose between Crushed ice, square ice cubes, cylindrical ice cubes , dry ice. which means that we offer you the opportunity to get exactly what you need.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can create the deal that matches your needs. for restaurants

If you are owner of a restaurant which uses a large amount of ice, you will definitely need a good deal on cheap and quality ice cubes. Together we can make a deal that fits you and your needs. At we have a wide selection of ice cubesthat can be used for everything from ice coffee to sodas and drinks. We also offer dry ice. which can be used to cool down vegetables, meat etc. which will increase the durability. Read more about dry ice for businesses here.

Contact us today and get the perfect deal.

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