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Ice cubes Roskilde

Ice cubes for your party in Roskilde - Serve ice cold drinks for your guests?

We want to say no to warm drinks! If you have the same mentality and want to serve ice cold drinks, which will give your guests the best evening ever, the key is to buy delicious ice cubeswhich will be the ingrediens that raises your drinks and cocktails to another level.

We have a wide selection of ice cubes which means that you can order the ice cubes that fits your need. In Roskilde we can deliver directly to you or you can pickup your square-, cylindrical ice cubes, crushed ice. , dry ice.yourself. The selection of ice gives you a lot of opportunities when you are making several delicious drinks. Crushed ice is the perfect choice when you are making Mojitos. Square and cylindrical ice cubes fits better in a Gin Hass and Gin & Tonic.

Vikingeskib i Roskilde

Where can I pickup my order in Roskilde?

We can also deliver your ice cubes within six hours directly on your address if you want to pickup the order yourself.

Are you hosting a party ind Roskilde and want to pick up your ice yourself, you are able to pick it up at Skadstrupgaard 1f, 4621. 

Order before 20.59 today and pick up your order tomorrow.
thermos barrels and thermos boxes will easily fit into your car.

How much ice should I order?

Are you hosting a wedding or a big birthday party you have probably invited a lot of people. When you have many people to a party, it can be difficult to calculate how many ice cubes you will need. What is very important is not to have too little!

If you are in doubt you can use our ice calculaterwhich will help you calculate how many ice cubes you will need for your party.

At we offer you 10 or 25 kg. ice in which a termokasse (10 kg) or thermos barrel (25 kg)is included. In a barrel of 25 kg. you can expect to have ice enough for 150 drinks. Is the need less than that you can use the rest of the ice can be used to cool down drinks in decorative ice buckets or big party tubs, which will add a nice and festive element to the party.

I'm in a hurry! I forgot to get ice cubes for my party... what to do?

We can deliver the ice cubes very quickly which means that we deliver your order within six hours. With that said you can always contact us on 40 53 11 11 if you are in a hurry and need the ice cubes to be delivered faster. We always want to help so we might be able to deliver faster.

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