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Isterninger Køge

Buy ice cubes in Køge and areas near by and pick it up near Den Hvide By

When you are hosting a party it is very important to cool down drinks. That is why you can buy ice cubes, crushed ice., and dry ice.which you are able to pick up near Den Hvide By whether you want 10, 20 or 500 kg. ice cubes. 

Avoid the stress in the supermarket and the annoying two kg. bags of ice cubes. We have made it easy for you to buy Ice cubes in Køge. Pick up the ice in a thermos barrel and expect the ice to stay cold for up to 72 hours. 

If you are not able to pick up your ice yourself, we can deliver the ice cubes directly to you. We are able to deliver tomorrow if you order today and will happily do it. The delivery will cost 325 kr. when delivering in Køge and surroundings.

Afhent isterninger i Køge

Where can I pick up my order in Køge?

We deliver your ice cubes within 6 hours, which means that you will have ice for the party you are hosting. 

Do you need ice cubes, crushed ice. or dry ice. in Køge and do you want to pick it up yourself, you are able to collect it at the following location: 

– Valdemarshaab 6, 4600 Køge. 

Collect your ice cubes in front of Theilgaardens Selskabslokaler in our container from 

Order before 20.59 today and expect you order to be delivered tomorrow. Our ice boxes/barrels are very easy to handle so you are definitely able to fit it into your car.

How much ice should I order?

If you are in doubt regarding how much ice you should order, you can use our ice calculater which will tell you exactly how much ice you will need for your party. The golden rule is that you will need 25 kg. ice cubes for 150 drinks. If you do not think that you are going to make that many drinks the rest of the ice can be used to cool down drinks in our nice ice buckets or party tubs.

I'm in a hurry! I forgot to get ice cubes for my party... what to do?

We are really fast and can often deliver in no time. We can deliver the ice within six hours in Copenhagen but if you need the ice faster than that, try to call us on 40 53 11 11, because then we might be able to help you out and deliver the ice faster.

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