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Ice cubes Aarhus

Ice cubes in different shapes and sizes. Works perfectly for your party in Aarhus - your drinks need it!

You have probably tried it - the drinks that are warm and just not delicious. Filling it with some ice will do the difference and make the drink much better. 

If you want to avoid warm and boring drinks in the future, then remember that Billig-is can deliver ice cubes directly to your party in Aarhus. We can deliver ice cubes, crushed ice. , dry ice.Make sure not to serve any bad drinks again and let us deliver the most important ingrediens - ICE!

We have ice cubes for every kind of drink you want to make. Is the idea to make a Mojito you will have to use crushed ice. But are you making a Tequila Sunrise we advice you to use square or cylindrical ice cubes instead. 

It is possible to buy ice cubes that are delivered in thermos boxes or barrels containing either 10 or 25 kg. of ice. The boxes and barrels can keep your ice cold for up to 72 hours which means that you do not need to be afraid of having water instead of ice at your party.

You can collect your order in Aarhus!

We are very happy to deliver your ice cubes within 6 hours at your address but if you want to pick it up yourself, that is also possible. 

Our pick up point is located at Stokagervej 6, 8240 Risskov, if you want to pick up your order yourself.

Remember to make your order before 20.59 and make sure to receive your order tomorrow. Our thermos boxes and barrels in which the ice is delivered in are bot practical to handle and does not take up much space which means that it will easily fit into your car.

I'm in a hurry! I forgot to get ice cubes for my party... what to do?

If you realise that you do not have ice cubes for your party in last second, try to contact us at 40 53 11 11. We are open to help if needed so let us try to fix your problem and get you the ice that you are missing as fast as possible.

Make sure not to order too much or too little ice

We know how difficult it is to calculate how much ice that you need. Before you order we advice you to try our ice calculater, which will tell you how much ice to order. The golden rule is to order 25 kg. pr. 150 drinks. By doing that you do not have to worry about not having ice enough. If you do not really need 25 kg. you can use the rest of the ice to cool down your drinks in our beautiful ice buckets or party tubs, which you can find on our website!

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