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Yes, the styrofoam barrel is always included in the price. You do not have to return it after use.

If you want to return the barrel, you are more than welcome to return it on one of our pickup points.

You can pick up your order at one of the following 10 pick-up locations:

  • Hillerød
  • Birkerød (Åbner i Q4)
  • Søborg
  • Glostrup
  • Amager Beach
  • Kastrup
  • Ishøj
  • Køge
  • Roskilde
  • Holbæk 

We are constantly working on opening new pick up locations and are continuously updating the list on which you can pick up ice cubes , crushed ice., and dry ice for your party.

Yes, our biggest barrel (25 kg.) can easily be transported in a regular car. Therefore, you can easily pick up your order at one of our many pick up points.

Our ice lasts a minimum of 24 hours in our thermo barrels, providing they are not opened and are not sitting in direct sunlight.

The type of ice cubes that you need depends on the purpose of the purchase.

Crushed ice works perfectly for cocktails such as Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiry. Further, we also recommend crushed ice for cooling wine bottles, cans etc.

Cylindrical ice cubes are used to cool regular beverages such as drinks, soda and water.

Square ice cubes are a more stylish and exclusive alternative. It is used for drinks and soda, but works especially well for more exclusive events, where a whiskey "on the rocks", or a martini is served.

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