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Your ice cube supplier with most departments in Denmark

Order your ice cubes before 20:59 and pick up the following day

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Contact us every day 24-hours a day on +45 30 53 11 11


We deliver cheap ice cubes all day a week - also directly to the party


We provide our customers with the best ice cubes on the market


Vi har flere afdelinger fordelt rundt i Danmark, bla. i Roskilde, Søborg, Køge, Ishøj, Amager Strand, Glostrup, Holbæk, Hillerød & Århus..

We have multiple types of ice cubes ice cubes

Purchase icecubes fast and effectively here

Calculate how many barrels of ice you need

Submit number of guests you expect for your party and press enter - Now you will receive an approximate number of barrels needed.

Who is

At we have chosen to focus on what we're good at - cheap ice cubes. We focus on quality and therefore, you will ALWAYS get the best ice cubes whether you need 10, 25 or 600kg.

We can deliver throughout Denmark, and by using our delivery partners, we guarantee that we are able to deliver anywhere and anytime within the country. Furthermore, you can pick up your order yourself at one of our many pick up points. is experts in making ice cubes to privates and businesses. Are you looking for a bigger amount of ice cubes, or fixed delivery, then click hereand contact us by filling our B2B formular. 

Do you wanna know more about us? Watch the video and get to know and how we've developed Denmarks coolest pick-up concept. 


Pick-up By Place - Billig is på hele Sjælland

With you can pick up ice cubescrushed ice. , dry ice. on one of our pick-up points on Zealand or Aarhus. Order before 20.59 today and pick up your order tomorrow.

Pick up your order at the following locations

  • Søborg – Rosenkæret 6, 2860 Søborg
  • Glostrup – Erhvervsvej 28, 2610 Rødovre (Glostrup Industri)
  • Amager Beach – Krimsvej 29, 2300 Kbh. S
  • Ishøj – Industrikrogen 8, 2635 Ishøj
  • Køge – Valdemarshaab 6, 4600 Køge
  • Roskilde (Gadstrup) – Skalstrupgaard 1D, 4621 Gadstrup
  • Holbæk – Spånnebæk 23, 4300 Holbæk (V. XL Byg)

No party without ice cubes!

Have you remembered ice cubes for your summer party?

A drink without ice is not a proper drink for us. No one wants to serve warm drinks on a hot summer day, where people want to celebrate and party. Cold drinks are essential if a good party is the goal.

Billig-is can help with all from delivery to guidance regarding what type of ice cubes your party needs. Keep reading and learn more.

Ice cubes are known for their ability to keep your drinks cold, but they also add the last touch to a luxurious drink.

Køb is til fest hos Billig-Is, så din fest bliver en mindeværdig en af slagsen. Her finder du nemlig de bedste isterninger til festen, så både du og dine dine gæster fyldes med lækre kolde drinks.

Ice cubes designed for your needs

At you can choose exactly the ice cubes, som matcher dine behov. Vi har en bred palette af valgmuligheder; knust is, square-, og cylindrical ice cubes og tøris, som hver især kan bidrage med en ekstra fin detalje til din fest – alt efter hvilken yndlingsdrink du vil servere.

The ice can be bought in barrels of 10 kg or 25 kg, which makes it possible to adapt the amount of ice to the size of your party.

The ice can also be used in a big tub, where you can gather all you delicious drinks at your party. Do you want to have a tub that can keep you drinks cold together with ice cubes, we can also provide that. We have a big collection of accessories for your party. We provide everything from exclusive ice buckets , champagne bowls to ice spoonthat secure that you easily and effectively can fill your drink with ice.

Ice cubes for your party is the element that secures a good party. Do not hesitate to write ice cubes on your shopping list!

What ice cubes should I choose?

The type of ice depends on the purpose of your purchase. Read our recommendations regarding what type of ice you need here:

Crushed ice is the perfect choice if you want delicious drinkslike Mojitos and Strawberry Daiquiries. Besides that we also recommend crushed ice to cool down wine bottles or similar products in a big tub.

Cylindrical ice cubes can be used to cool down ordinary drinks like sodas, drinks and ice water. The special shape makes a big difference for your drink and make it more festive.

Square ice cubes are the classical and more exclusive ice cubes. They can be used for both drinks, wine and sodas, but is also an element that fits a nice whiskey "on the rocks" or a colorful cocktail.

Dry ice is a special type of ice that can add a wow-effect to your drinks and give a creative touch to the way you serve the drinks. The ice must be used with care and by an experienced bartender who has worked with dry ice before. Read mor about what dry ice is..

I'm going to have a lot of drinks to my party but how much ice do I need?

It can be difficult to know exactly how many ice cubes that you need. There is nothing worse than running out of ice cubes to a party so if you plan to host a big party like a wedding or big birthdays, you can use our calculater that tells you how much ice you need for your party.

Vores tønder på 25 kg. svarer til cirka 150 drinks – så har du inviteret en flok tørstige gæster, der sætter ekstra pris på en kold drink eller 5, så kan det være den rette mængde is til din fest. Har du planer om at servere flere forskellige typer af drinks, så har vi også isen, der kan matche dine ønsker. Hos kan du både købe knust is, firkantede-, cylinderformede isterninger og tøris så du kan få præcis de isterninger, du ønsker.

Buy ice cubes at!

At you can purchase ice cubes of the highest quality. We aim to be the best ice cube supplier to both private and businesses. That means that we do an effort to optimize every aspect of our business. If you are in doubt of where to buy ice cubes, you do not have to search for ice cubes suppliers anymore. Buy ice cubes right here and get ice cubes that remain cold for long time and expect them to be delivered fast directly to you.

It can be difficult to decide what ice cubes you want. We have several kinds of ice cubes and are open to guide you so you get the ice cubes that fits your occasion. Take a look on our site and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  

Stop fearing that the ice will melt before the party starts!

It has to be easy to collect and store your ice cubes. That means that we deliver the ice in big special made thermos barrels, that keeps your ice cold in up to 24 hours even on a hot summerday. You can therefore easily collect your ice or getting the ice delivered directly to your party without being afraid of not having ice when the guests arrive. 

Collect your ice cubes at one of our pick-up points or get it delivered within six hours after you have placed your order.

Collect your ice cubes her

We have multiple pick-up points on Zealand and one in Aarhus where you can collect your order yourself. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose the type of ice cubes
  2. Decide pick-up point
  3. Pay
  4. Collect your ice cubes

OBS. place your order before 20.59 and collect your ice cubes tomorrow.

We have the following pick-up points

  • Søborg – Rosenkæret 6, 2860 Søborg
  • Glostrup – Erhvervsvej 28, 2610 Rødovre (Glostrup Industri)
  • Amager Beach – Krimsvej 29, 2300 Kbh. S
  • Ishøj – Industrikrogen 8, 2635 Ishøj
  • Køge – Valdemarshaab 6, 4600 Køge
  • Roskilde (Gadstrup) – Skalstrupgaard 1D, 4621 Gadstrup
  • Holbæk – Spånnebæk 23, 4300 Holbæk (V. XL Byg)

Get your ice cubes delivered to your door

Ice cubes is a small but very important element than you must not forget to purchase if you want to create the perfect party. We handle the delivery if you want that so you do not have to spend time collecting it. Furthermore, you can order a big amount of ice and not worry about having space for it in your freezer. Our thermos barrels og termokasser er nemme at håndtere og kan uden problemer være i de fleste biler.

Har du alligevel glemt at skrive isterninger på indkøbslisten, så frygt ej. leverer inden for 6 timer i hele landet alle ugens dage, lige når det passer dig.

The amount of ice cubes for your party depends on what type of party you are hosting. In average we recommend that a barrel containing 25 kg. ice fits 35 guests. If you want a more precise calculation you can use our price calculater, that helps you calculating how many ice cubes you need for your party. 

You can buy your ice cubes at regardless the need you have so we can provide ice cubes in badges of 10 kg, 25 kg or if you need 500 kg. We deliver the ice cubes directly to you or if you want to save some money, you have the possibility to pick up your order in any of our 8 pick up points.

The ice cubes last minimum 24 hours in the boxes/barrels in which the ice cubes are being delivered in and if they are not placed in direct sunlight. In many occassions the ice cubes last even longer than 24 hours. 

The price on our ice varies from 220 kr. to 395 kr. with the thermos box/barrel included. The price varies because of the amount and the type of ice. That is equal to a price of 15kr - 22 kr. pr. kilo.

We recommend the normal square ice cubes or crushed ice. to cool down your drinks. You can either buy a big partytub and fill it with ice cubes, or you can make a combination of water and ice which will provide cold drinks on hot summerday. 

We recommend you not to use dry ice. to cool down your drinks but to use dry ice to make beautiful dekorations and other festive effects instead. 

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